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If you would like to speak with any of the venues listed on our website, you will find their contact details on their venue profile page. You will find a huge selection of venues by browsing the navigation tabs at the top of this page, or you can click here to see a shortlist of our favourite London Venues  or if you have a particular venue that you wish to contact, just type the venue name above.

I am still waiting…

If you have not heard back from a venue that you have contacted via our website in a timely manner then simply click here to email us! We will do our best to get a quick response from them and will give them a good finger wagging, as we only like to work with efficient venues in London.

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London Venues website is designed to allow anyone planning an event to easily find and contact the perfect venues for their event, so please follow the instructions on the left.

Something’s broken…

If you have found something not working on our site then we will be incredibly grateful to hear from you. You can click here to email our tech team and we will put you on the guest list to one of our networking events, to say thank you.

I want to list a venue…

Wonderful news! For information click here to email an Account Manager.