Small Venues London

for intimate events...

Small Venues in London – It’s not the size that counts, it is what you do with it…

If you need small venues London won’t come up short, with an incredible selection of funky small meeting venues or secret small private party venues!

In fact, small venues in London can be tucked away in the least expected places! There might be small roof terrace venue just above your head!

Everyone has their own definition of a small venue and small venues in London can be found in the crevices within large venues so don’t always be dissuaded when you see a large maximum capacity. Many of the small venues London can offer are tucked away behind the grand iconic event spaces that we all know and love.

Our event planners often find that the purpose built meeting venues like etc venues offer the most flexibility and best rates, as they are designed to hold lots of smaller groups with hi tech equipment and shared breakout facilities. However, London Venues Group always enjoys events with a difference, so why not had your breakfast meeting on a floating boat venue or one of the many unusual small venues in London. You will have lots to choose from here!