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If you are looking for a banquet hall for your event and happened to be searching for banqueting venues in London then you will have no difficulty in finding a spectacular location to host your event. London is a city with a rich history and booming events industry and can offer event planners a diverse and surprising range of venues for banquets and large dinners.


The styles of banquet halls in London also spans across centuries, with an amazing selection of contemporary and stylish banqueting venues available, as well as a contrasting range of historic banquet halls that have hosted elegant dinner events for hundreds of years. So if you are planning a banquet then feel free to check out our top picks on this page, or get in touch with our team for a tailored proposal with a selection of venues that will be perfect for your event brief and budget. Our service is completely free so what are you waiting for!

Request A Free Tailored Venue Proposal

If you are planning an event and have a budget of over £5,000+VAT then our team of event planning experts will do all of the leg work for you! 

Simply tell us about your event and we will filter the best possible venues for your event, check availability, send you a beautiful proposal, help you arrange viewings and keep you from being chased by multiple venues!

Once you have decided on a venue we will put you in touch with the venue directly to book, so you can be 100% sure that you are getting the best rates and avoid having a middle man in the way whilst you plan your event!

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Banquet Venue & Banquet Hall Search Tips

When most people think about a banquet they focus on the seated meal aspect of the event and can sometimes forget that many banquets require separate spaces for a pre-dinner drinks reception, or for after dinner entertainment and dancing, so just remember to think about how your event is going to run before you hire a venue, or hire a banquet hall with separate spaces just to be safe if you are unsure.

Once you have made a short list of possible venues and banquet halls to hire for your event go and see the venue and check that it is easy for your guests to access and move between the different areas. You may find that the drinks reception area and the banquet hall are separated by an undesirable walkway, or an ugly hall way, so do make sure that you book the route so that there are no nasty surprises on the day of the event.

The majority of banquets and large dinners that we help organise are seated on roundtables, spread across the room evenly, sometimes with a focal point for speeches or presentations. However many banqueting venues in London will have a variety of tables available and so you can always consider different layouts at minimal to no extra cost. A popular layout for historic livery hall venues is known as a sprig layout, with long tables sprawling down the room, usually with a top table connecting the lengths at one end. Think Harry Potter with a difference and consider surprising your guests with something a little unexpected these days.

Many venues in London will offer a complimentary menu tasting as part of the hire package and even if they don’t, it is often worth requesting a menu tasting for a banquet event. We have attended hundreds of menu tastings and deem them to be a vital part of the planning process for banquets. Even though we will only work with the best caterers and chefs in London for our events, only the event planners really know who their guests are going to be and what they are likely to favour. Most menu tastings are a fantastic opportunity to put your own personal touch on an expertly created dish and as seasonal menus are changed regularly, it is good to check out the presentation of the dishes and see if there have been other variations that you prefer. In addition, menu tastings are a fantastic and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon!

Awesome Banqueting Venue Ideas

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When searching for and choosing a banqueting hall in London, there is a huge amount of choice and a vast difference in styles between different banqueting venues. 

The key to deciding on a venue that is right for your current event is to think about your guests; who they are and what is important to them. If you have a young relaxed group then perhaps a historic banquet venue is not the best idea as many guests will want to let their hair down and unwind, whereas a reunion dinner could be well placed into a more formal setting with plenty of character. 


London is home to hundreds of amazing banquet halls and so it is a good idea to ask the experts for ideas that will fit your budget and be well suited for your guests. Feel free to get in touch with our team of event planning gurus at Love Events London, who will be happy to offer free venue finding support and event planning tips.