What is a Dry Hire Venue?

Dry hire essentially means hiring the venue as an empty shell, often with some on site furniture and key staff to oversee the event, offering flexibility when it comes to catering and production. Due to the huge range of dry hire venues London has, the specific terms of a dry hire can vary greatly from venue to venue.

As such, it is important to give each venue a detailed fief of what you want to do and be clear from the very start of the venue booking process what you need from your venue.

London Venues Group often hears about event planners who have hired a venue without checking the fine print. They then struggle further down the line when they find out that their caterer is not approved or health and safety restrictions hinder their production. Talk through every idea you have, right from the bat, get it approved in writing and you will be fine!

From iconic contemporary structures to beautiful creative spaces, event planners will enjoy the huge range of dry hire venues London has to offer, no matter what type of event you are looking to organise.