London has staggeringly posh palaces, super snooty elegant members clubs like The Hurlingham Club (we are just kidding, they are a lovely bunch over there!) and exquisitely posh party venues in London’s many fine restaurants and hidden event spaces.

As you are looking to plan an event that the aristocrats would be scrambling to attend, then the finer details are very important. If you are looking for a venue such as The Ritz, that will be able to take care of all the details, then you can rest easy. However, if you really want to surprise your guests then consider thinking outside the box and bringing elegance to one of our Funky Venues. You can add the upper-class flavour to your event by treating your guests to fancy food at an unexpected venue that boasts delightfully elegant catering options.

Whatever you decide, you will find the fanciest selection of posh venues London event planners have ever seen right here!