15 Unique Venues For Events in London

One of the reasons that London is regarded by many as the best city in the world for hosting events is the huge diversity in age and style of venues. There is such an amazing range of unique venues for events in London that many of the event industry’s most experience event planners are still blown away by unique venues they have just discovered. Trust us… we hear it every day!

London Venues With A Unique Twist

Often people looking for unique venues for events in London are those event planners organising an annual company event and need something new every time to surprise their guests and colleagues. If you fall into this category, we recommend you vary the style of venues each year. If you dined at the top of The Shard last time, you should consider banqueting in a historic palace; if you held your conference in a quirky period building, then treat your guests to elegance and round-the-clock service at a 5 star hotel.

We also find that many event organisers looking for venues like no other, will have a very unusual message or product to present at their event. When you are looking for unique venues for events in London, remember what the purpose of the event is. If you are launching a cutting edge product it is essential to remember that you want guests to remember the product and the experience, NOT the aesthetics of the venue.

The same can apply for conferences. We have had many thank you letters from clients, who have themselves had heaps of thank you letters from guests, saying that the venue was beautiful. If the goal was to improve the branding of their company they will certainly have succeeded, although if it was to spread their specific message, it is hard to tell!

Whatever your reasons are to find unique venues for events in London, you will be spoilt for choice. London Venues Group has created this shortlist of unique London event spaces to quickly give event bookers a wide range of one-of-a-kind event spaces. Whether you are looking to organise a private party, product launch, conference or team building event, there will be a number of fantastic unique venues for your event right here.