Unique London Venues For Events

From soaring sky scrapers, to funky themed event spaces, to luxurious palaces, to gritty urban locations, to derelict warehouse spots – London is packed full of unique venues.

In fact, it seems bizarre now that we think of it, to put together a shortlist of the best unique venues of London. The shortlist above was selected based on those spaces that will make a huge impact and leave your guests with a lasting memory of any event that takes place within.

It just seems silly to say these are the most unique venues, as there are so many, each with its own charm and distinct, unique characteristics.

Luckily, in addition to this top 10 list, we have put together a much more complete and constantly growing list, featuring unique venues of London.

You can see a more complete list of the best unique venues of London right here!

If you think another venue should make it onto our list then we would love to hear from you! Pop us a tweet, or even join us on Gplus if that is your thing!