Wimbledon Ballot 2019 – How to Get a Seat

We love to use open outdoor venues for our events and urge event planners to check out the amazing selection of outdoor venues at the bottom of this page for their own events. We also LOVE to sit back, relax and enjoy these venues for their true purpose and one of our favourite events in London is Wimbledon, the most prestigious event in tennis. Quintessentially British, this iconic tournament attracts millions of viewers across the globe and thousands upon thousands of attendees, including the Royal Family!

So how do you bag yourself a ticket? Let’s be honest, it is tough to get a ticket for Wimbledon unless you happen to be pally with the Royal Family or fancy camping out in The Queue.

If you are looking to attend the event in 2019 then we hope these tips will help, from entering the Wimbledon ballot 2016, to qualifying as a steward. Yes, it is going to be tough but give it a go and you might be eating strawberries at the Centre Court before too long…

  1. Enter the Wimbledon Ballot 2019

Wimbledon tickets are awarded every year to members of the public via the famous Public Ballot. Just a small selection of tickets are dished out through the Wimbledon ballot and the number of entries is huge, but you have to be in it to win it!

Don’t let that dishearten you though, as entering the Wimbledon Ballot 2019 can be fun, like playing the lottery. As prizes are allocated at random you will have no control over the Court and game you are going to see so let fate guide you through this.

  1. Join the Lawn Tennis Association

Have you ever heard of the Lawn Tennis Association? It’s awesome and surprisingly easy to join. Members receive a range of cool perks and benefits, one of which is access to a very special Wimbledon ballot, reserved just for members of the LTA and with better odds than the public Wimbledon Ballot 2019.

Although there is still no guarantee, this is a damn good idea and only costs about £25 per year, making it a no-brainer if you like tennis… or even if you hate tennis but really want to eat strawberries at Wimbledon.

  1. Camp in the Queue

For those you don’t like to gamble, the queue is a probably the most effective ticket obtaining tactic, so pack up your favourite teddy bear, a super comfy sleeping bag and all those toiletries and get in their early.

Before you decide, consider this… there are 500 Centre Court tickets available to the public for every one of the first nine days so you will be in good company with like-minded tennis lovers! 

  1. Purchase debenture tickets online

If you have got a bit of cash knocking around then one way to guarantee yourself tickets to Wimbledon 2019 plus a bunch of perks, is to buy them from a Wimbledon debenture holder, the financial supporters of Wimbledon.

These guys receive tickets to the Centre Court or No. 1 Court throughout the tournament, which can be resold and found online.

Other perks include access to the debenture lounges (sounds a bit funny doesn’t it!) and tickets can be found at marketplaces such as WimbledonDebentureHolders.com.

  1. Some More Ways…

A few other ways to get bag yourself tickets are to qualify as a player or a steward, ask your local tennis club or a corporate sponsor if they can give you tickets, become an AELTC member or ask your mate… providing they are in the Royal Family!

So, be sure to enter the Wimbledon Ballot 2019 and then try out these other ideas. Hopefully we will see you on the Court (or in the queue). Good luck!

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